April Time Capsule


40 Years Ago in Hampton, April 1978:

  • The Selectmen appoint a committee of five to study the feasibility of Town purchase of land.
  • An article titled “The Bear Truth” quotes Conservation Officer Phil Russell’s answer to rumors about bears in the area: “No reports; no sightings; no bear.”
  • “Hampton Cooperates” reports on the Hampton Food Coop

30 Years Ago, April 1988:

  • “Progress Report on the New School” by Quentin Woodward updates residents on the elementary school building project.
  • The Selectmen approve the Fire Department’s request to purchase a new truck to replace Engine 112, a 1953 American LaFrance, at an estimated cost of $70,000.
  • The Democratic Town Committee adopts a resolution critical of the State’s spending to promote its plan to build a Route 6 alternate, specifically the use of “the peoples’ own revenue on ads and brochures to sell them its ideas”.

20 Years Ago, April 1998:

  • The front page reports a “UFO Sighting in Hampton”, advising residents to “not be unduly alarmed. The UFO has been around a long time, and to date no ill effect or danger has ever been proven to be related to their visits.”
  • The Little River Grange announces an Awards Night to honor 70-year member Idamay Richmond.
  • Hampton Elementary School Principal explains their new program: preschool.

10 Years Ago, April 2008:

  • A salute to Minnie Halbach, longest serving member of the Gazette staff, who delivered the Gazette to every household in town for 30 years.
  • Seniors announce upcoming trips to: Vermont Quilt Festival, The King & I, and Booth Bay Harbor.
  • Dog Warden Brianna Walton reports on a rabid cat captured at the home of Diane Gagnon.


40 Years Ago, April 1978:

  • Jimmy Carter is President and Ella Grasso is Governor.
  • “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees is number one on the radio and movie fans are still headed out to see “Star Wars”.
  • Gary Player wins The Masters golf tournament.
  • Actor Will Geer, famous for playing Grandpa on the hit TV series The Waltons, dies at the age of 76.

30 Years Ago, April 1988:

  • Ronald Regan is President and Lowell Weicker is Governor.
  • The number one song was “Man in The Mirror” by Michael Jackson and the top box office draw was “BeetleJuice”.
  • Kansas wins the 50th NCAA Men’s Championship and Louisiana Tech wins the 7th NCAA Women’s Championship.

20 Years Ago April 1998:

  • Bill Clinton was President and John Rowland was Governor.
  • In Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens in Orlando.
  • The number one song was “Getting Jiggy Wit It” by Will Smith and “Lost in Space” is tops at the box office.
  • Peyton Manning is the number one pick in the NFL draft taken by the Indianapolis Colts.

10 Years Ago, April 2008:

  • George W. Bush was president. Jodi Rell was Governor.
  • The number one song was “With You” by Chris Brown and the top box office draw was “The Forbidden Kingdom”.
  • Actor Charlton Heston passes at the age of 84.